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Selling my non-running car, bakkie

Sell a used running or non running vehicle

Was your car involved in a road accident, does your car require expensive repairs, are you wondering if you can sell your damaged car as it is ?

Yes you can and we will make the procedure as convenient as possible for you.

Thinking of Selling your damaged or non-running vehicle?

TheCarBuyer buys used vehicles, running or not.

Our procedure is simple and has been proven by many satisfied clients. We will come to your home, the towing company or salvage storage, we will pay you, complete the paperwork and take delivery once you are satisfied that the payment has cleared and available to you.

Our drivers and appraisers will only leave with the vehicle once the payment is made and paperwork signed leaving you at ease. We see to the expense and we take the risk associated with moving the vehicle away from your premises or storage location

Why should I sell my damaged car

Do you want to prevent unnecessary expenses or failed repairs? Carrying out repair work is not always an economical decision option. On newer cars the repairs are complicated and parts are expensive, finding a suitable technician or reliable mechanical workshop is a tedious task.

On older cars, considering the value, it might be more ecomomicle to sell your damaged vehicle, save on repair costs and use the funds towards the payment of a newer car Is your auto insurer giving you problems?

Is your excess too high?

Is your insurance company/broker avoiding your claim with ridiculous excuses?

We provide free appraisals, we pay fair prices, why wait, add your details and we will contact you to make further arrangements.

What cars do we buy?

We condsider all makes, all models, old and new.

We buy Accident Damaged cars.

We buy vehicles with electrical faults, burnt/fire damaged or water damaged vehicles.

We also buy cars with mechanical faults, we buy previously wrecked cars, used and rebuilt.

We buy cars with engine problems or gearbox problems, both manual and automatic variants

We buy SUV’s, Cars, Bakkies, LDV’s, 4x4’s MPV’s, Trucks, Motorbikes, Vans, Minibuses, We buy them all.

What dont we buy

We dont dont buy vehicles without the correct documentation and the certificate of registration

We dont buy vehicles where the prices are un-reasonable - 2024