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Thank you for considering TheCarBuyer for the sale of your vehicle.

Our service is straight forward. We buy used cars, bakkies, vans, motorbikes and trailers in Cape Town and surrounding cities and areas.

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The procedure is simple!

We handle everything including inspection, payment, delivery, change of ownership and all the paper work. All you need is the vehicle, and the necessary documentation.

We buy cars, old or new.

We also consider cars for salvage or repair as well as non runners and light accident damaged vehicles.
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We Come to you.

We come to you at your home or work, our inspections are free, quick and non-obstructive. We arrange assessment and delivery at a time suitable to you. We are committed to providing you a quick, hassle free and safe service.

Payment Method.

We have a 90% instant clearance rate. Our EFT payments to Absa, Standard Bank, FNB, Nedbank and Capitec reflects into your account within minutes.
If not, we wait until you have successfully verified the funds before we take delivery of the vehicle.

Our payment methods are guaranteed and secure.

We also buy vehicles for cash.

Requirements for selling a vehicle to TheCarBuyer

Frequent Questions:


Certificate of Registration

Every vehicle in South Africa, alive or dead, new or old, petrol or diesel, big or small, they all have one thing in common, they have a vehicle certificate of registration. This single document, the one you forgot about and probably lost is the most important document in the relationship between you and your vehicle. You cant sell your car without it and you wouldnt buy a new car until youve seen it. Considering the high esteem of the cars papers we thought we'll honour it with a mention on TheCarbuyer. Everything you need to know, and dont need to know about the certificate of registation.
What is a Certificate of registration?

Lost cars papers

You lose the certificate of registration and you only realise it when you need it the most. You're feeling a little shy to admit it but its fine, We dont judge! Its actually more common than you think but before you head out to join the Registration Certificate Losers Club at the traffic department, take a peek at this document, it might save you a little time.
Applying for a copy of your cars papers

Registering a car

So you spent hours and hours of browsing and searching and searching and browsing and eventually you found that one car that spoke to you. The colour was right, the price was right and you took the leap. By now you've washed the car 5 times, youve checked the water and you've checked the oil but something doesnt feel right. You thought it was that brand new air freshner thingy that you cant quite figure out but you tossed that in trash already and you still not feeling it. That disturbing feeling thats worrying you is your cars soul crying out because you havent sealed the deal! You need to register the car onto your name to confirm your committment. Weve dicussed the vehicle registration process and layed out the basics so you know what to expect.
How to register a car

Agreement of Sale

Selling or Buying a vehicle? Heres a free agreement of sale that can be downloaded as a PDF document. Theres also a print ready version that can be completed online and printed ready to sign, its a time saver!
Free agreement of sale

Vehicle inspection

If you ever sold a vehicle to TheCarBuyer, you would know how thorough our appraisals are. Let us inspect your next vehicle before you buy it. We offer a mobile car inspection service that can be scheduled to suit you. We'll inform you of all the juicy secrets the seller may be hiding. - 2024