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We Buy Cars and Bakkies

Thank you for considering TheCarBuyer for the sale of your vehicle.
Our service is straight forward and easy!

We buy cars in Cape Town

We also buy bakkies, vans, motorbikes and trailers up to the value of R150.000.

We run a transparent car buying service, no messing you around, no secrets and no funny business. We know you have several options when it comes to selling a car. Theres a car dealership on every corner and with all the sites and apps and waps, your options are endless until you run out of data :)

If we cant give you a good deal and offer you great service. We wont string you along!

If you are looking to sell your car without the hassle and fuss, speak to us, we might impress you.

If you still arent convinced heres a rundown of how we operate. Check it out and then decide if TheCarBuyer is the right fit for you.

Do you buy any car?

Yes and No! There are 1000s of vehicles each with a colour, derivate and value. We buy almost any car as long as its within our established price range and the condition is right at the price.
When we buy cars we have to consider the condition of the vehicle and the price you are prepared to sell your car for. If there are any repairs or maintenance needed this will affect the decision making.  
We also consider the popularity of the vehicle… So if we bought 3 of the same vehicles recently, we might not be keen on buying it again but dont let this sway you because on that same note, if we paid R80.000 for a vehicle last week, we mightve bought it when we had 3 of the very same or similar cars already.
A few days later we might be inclined to buy the same vehicle at a higher price.
Collection is another aspect that we look at when sellers call and say “I want to sell my car”

The further you are the more it costs us to take delivery and the more resources we need. This will affect the price we can offer you, the lower our offer the less appealing our service might seem to you.
When we buy cars and your car is in Cape Town or anywhere within a 200km radius of Cape Town we will be more inclined to buy it even if its at a slightly higher price. If you are in Hermanus, Strand, Langebaan, Saldhana Bay, Worcester, Paarl, Caledon theres a greater chance that we could buy it opposed to areas like George and Mossel Bay. The further you are from Cape Town Central or Kimberly the lower we would offer to compensate for delivery especially on vehicles that need to be moved by flatbed or trailer.

How do you value my vehicle ?

The value of a vehicle is established in house. We have an established price range for most cars older than 2 years. This price range is established buy what weve paid for that exact vehicle within the last few months or what we couldve bought it for recently.
We dont work with conventional vehicle trade or market related values and each vehicle is considered exclusively as they become available to us. The value that we assign could be greater or less than other offers you could receive elsewhere.
We try our best to offer you a fair price and we almost always impress our clients with the overall service and price that we can offer.
Car prices also change by popularity of location, some cars are less popular in Cape Town than other cities, as such the value of the vehicle might change slightly. If we bought a car from you in Cape Town for R100.000, and you refer you brother in Kimberly with the exact same vehicle on the very same day, the price that we offer might be different.

How do you pay for my car ?

Its totally up to you. Some sellers prefer cash where others prefer EFT. There are cases where sellers request partial payment to one account and the balance to another or a bulk of the payment through EFT and the rest in cash payment. We try our best to accommodate each client on their preference.
Generally we prefer to pay via EFT, its a safer option for you and for us but there are cases where we might suggest a cash payment if we know for certain that EFT will not clear immediately and the value of the car is on the lower end of the scale.
We will only buy a car with cash payment if we feel safe. Since we are being transparent, a little bit on being safe:
Over all the years of buying cars in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Kimberly we have never had a disgruntled client because we seriously prioritize on being safe, this is South Africa, we read the news on our news app!
When we advertise externally we use the phrase “Our payment is guaranteed and secure”. The guaranteed part is for you, Selling a car takes effort and it can be frustrating, youve chosen us for the simplicity and reliability we offer. You can rest assured, you will receive payment before we take delivery of the vehicle.
The secure part is for both of us. A lot of people dont realize the high risk attached to the vehicle industry.
Everybody has this impression that a car buying service drives around with a bag full of cash! We honestly dont, we are just as scared and weary as you are and paying cash for your car is not something we are eager risk your or our safety for.

How do I sell my vehicle

We have a really simple process, add your vehicle for sale and provide as much information as possible. The more information you share the better and faster we can assist you. If you think theres something we should know then add it to the form, this saves us both time.

Do you get me a buyer ?

Absolutely not, we are the car buyers! We dont deal with third parties at all. As a car buying service you would be selling the vehicle directly to us.

How does it work ?

Once youve submitted your details and the details of your vehicle, we receive an email notifying us of this submission. Over the next few minutes we compare your price to the same vehicle and very similar cars, We also consider your area so we have an idea of how long it will take for us to get to you. If it is something we can buy, we will contact you to make arrangements for inspection. Lets say you are available immediately and you live or work in an area that an appraiser is close to, we could complete the entire procedure from start to finish in 30 minutes provided there arent any hiccups.

What cars dont you buy?

Most of the time, we steer away from gas guzzlers, your and V8s and V12 are not popular with us at all!
Some automatic are also frowned upon especially on heavier cars.
Cars that dont have the correct documentation, if we arent able to take ownership of a car at the traffic department with the documentation you have, we wont be able to buy it. This is a general rule whether you are selling you car to us or anyone else. Cape Town has over 10 traffic departments, anyone of them will inform you if you have the correct paperwork to sell a car. If you arernt keen on the queue for a simple enquiry, get in touch with us and well advise you.

Still not sure you if should sell your car, bakkie or van ? Give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have. - 2024