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Sell car form. Vehicles details

Vehicles Details.

To make it easier for sellers, we have kept our submission form as minimalistic as possible. When selling your car, Each submission is reviewed and responded to manually.

If you've added your vehicle within business hours, you can expect a response within 1 hour. In some cases your response may be detected as spam, if you do not receive a phone call or email response within an hour our please call us on 08333 52 333 or email us directly.

What information should you share when selling your car

We have provided 10 fields in our form, 6 of these fields are related to the vehicle you are selling. An explanation of each field and how we use it can be found below.

  • Name - The person we should contact to make further arrangements
  • Area - The area we need to travel to for assessment and collection, this helps us to plan our bookings.
  • Phone No - So we can contact you
  • Email So we can respond
  • Make and Model - The brand and model of the car you are selling. It important to add a year model in this field as well. Brand manufactures maintain the same model and derivative for many years. For example, a Ford Fiesta 1.6TDCI 2006 and a Ford Fiesta 1.6TDCI 2011 and two vastly different cars with a big difference in value. Furthermore, a 2006 Golf can be a Vw Golf 1 or a VW Golf 5, the year model differentiates between the two. This field can also be used to list the gearbox type, or it can be mentioned in the comments. A good example of a make and model would be, Volkswagen Golf 5 1.6 2008 manual
  • The Price - we use this to compare trade related prices and prices we have paid for the same vehicle. If your price falls within the price range that we can buy it then we will contact you to make further arrangements. If the price is not within our established price range, we will leave you an obligation free offer for you to consider via email. If the offer is acceptable to you, you can accept the offer via email and we will proceed to book an assessment at a time convenient for you.
  • Vehicle Comments - use this field to explain the condition of the car. The more information you share the better we will understand what you are selling and how to proceed. Any repairs or maintenance that is need can be mentioned in this field. This field can also be used for special requests.
  • Image - By supplying an image of the car we can determine the colour, derivate and approximate year model of the car. This makes it easier for you if you are not exactly sure on the details yourself. An image also gives us some idea of the condition of the car - 2021